College Rules
  1. Students shall attend the college regularly and obtain more that 75% of attendance in all the subjects in order to appear for the examinations.
  2. Students shall wear the college uniform/apron always in the college and hospital. Only neat and decent dresses are allowed.
  3. Students shall posses study materials and books as required by the college.
  4. Students shall attend all the internal examinations of the college as and when conducted by the college.
  5. Students shall maintain good discipline throughout his study in this college.
  6. Students who are not staying with the parents shall stay in the college hostel in order to maintain good discipline.
  7. Students shall not indulge in any malpractice in the examinations and in their studies.
  8. Students shall not indulge in any riots, strike, ragging, nuisance and politics.
  9. Any student who causes damage to the property of the college shall be liable to pay for the same. Any student who causes damage to the reputation of the college will be terminated from the college.
  10. Students shall not directly or indirectly indulge or commit any type of ragging inside or outside the college premises at any point of time. Ragging is a criminal offence punishable under law including imprisonment and the college will report any such type of incidents to the local police immediately and debar or terminate the offender forthwith as the case may be.
  11. Students shall behave with good character throughout his studies in this college.
  12. Students shall pay all the fees notified by the college authority well in time.
  13. The annual tuition fee shall be paid in the month of April, continuously for course duration.
  14. The failed students shall pay an additional Repeater fee for the failed subjects proportionate to the tuition fee amount.
  15. Students who delay the payment of fee beyond the due date ate liable to pay late fee as prescribed by the college.
  16. Students who still delay the payment after one month from the due date will not be allowed to attend the classes till the payment is made in full and the college will not be responsible for the lack of attendance in such event.
  17. No student is allowed to discontinue the course without payment of the tuition fee and the college fee for the entire course subject to exemption only in the case of mutual transfer.
  18. Students shall not cause any damage to the college. Any student found causing damage to the college shall be severely penalized.
  19. Students who are staying in the college hostel shall not allow outsiders in the hostel. No parents are allowed to stay with the students in the college hostel.
  20. Students staying in the college hostel shall maintain good discipline in the hostel. Student, who is found indiscipline or causing nuisance to others, will be severely punished including termination.
  21. The hostel students shall not keep valuable ornaments or currency in the hostel. They shall keep the study materials and instruments safely in their custody
  22. The hostel students shall maintain the hostel premises and the rooms clean and hygienic always. They shall not misuse the electricity and water.
  23. Students shall participate in sports, extra curricular activities, social gathering and community service whenever arranged by the college.
  24. Students staying in the college hostel shall take the prior permission from the college authority to go out of the hostel and the same shall be reported to the hostel warden.
  25. The college management and the Head of the Institution deserves the right to suspend, penalize or terminate the student who violates the rules and regulations of the college as the case may be.
  26. Student shall not violate the guidelines, instructions, rules and regulations of the college.
  27. The Management can make any modification in the rules as it deems fit in the interest of the College.